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8. Afterward Editing

Another unique feature of openEyA is the possibility of editing any processed or re-processed recording in a subsequent time. Select from the openEyA GUI (inside ’Principal Tabs’ shown in Fig.3) the ’Advanced tabs’ tag.

This is particularly useful to cut parts of audio/videos, and its respective slides, that needs to be removed for any special reason.


Fig.14: openEyA afterward Editor.

Select a recording from the list of processed files as shown in the GUI above.

By scrolling through the thumbnails of the slides, and selecting those wanted to be removed, the graphics editor allows to Cut and Synchronize again the openEyA recordings (see Fig. 14). The processing stage could take several muinutes to complete depending on the number of photos taken during the selected recording. A ’Progress Bar’ in an extra window will indicate the editing status.

         Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos!

The afterward edited, and the original unedited, audio-video-slides are saved in two different directories; the later having the ’.proc’ extention).

The edited openEyA recordings can also be saved as zip file (with a ’_e.zip’ extention) in the recording directory.

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