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7. Photo Straightening/Reprocess

Another novel feature of openEyA is that all photos taken can also be easily straighten out and synchronized to the corresponding audio-video recordings. Select from the openEyA GUI (inside ’Principal Tabs’ shown in Fig.3) the ’Advanced tabs’ tag.

This feature can be used to grab a selected area from all the pictures taken. It is useful to retain the relevant information written in a Blackboard (and to save further space disk).

First, it is necessary to process the selected recording to be straighten. From the main openEyA GUI (Fig. 4 or 5), choose the Perspective option as in Fig. 12. Press ’Start’ and the first photo taken will appear on your screen surrounded by a coloured distorted box.


Fig.12: Example of selectedCompensate perspective’.

The digital picture can be zoomed in or out and the coloured (Compensate perspective) box can be adjusted to the area to be straighten out by moving the box corners with the PC mouse. When photos are straighten out, the openEyA logo can be cleaned out.

By clicking ’Compensate perspective’ or ’original image’ you can improve on, and check, the best selected area for the initial picture as in Fig. 13.


Fig.13: Straighten photo of Fig. 12 showing the Blackboard area only.

Then press ’OK’ to complete this process. Photo Straightening via openEyA is done throughout the bulk of the slides in a selected directory with recordings.

Finally, it is also possible to ’Reprocess’ the selected recording (data) with the openEyA audio-video-slides and save it as a new zip file (to appear with a ’_r.zip’ extention).

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