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6. Web Test

When completed the Processing status in the previous Section (Fig.7) you can preview the recording results by pressing ’Web test’ botton as shown Fig.8.

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Fig.8 (upper): Example of Web test selection

Fig.9 (down): Example of selected openEyA recording to be visualized

Navigate into the listed directories, select the one you want to view, click into the default ’index.html’ file.

Wait a few seconds! and you will then be able to visualize the selected openEyA recording in your default web browser (usually Mozilla) which will open in your screen as in Fig.9

  The free Adobe Flash Player need to be installed in your computer!

Please check the Adobe Macromedia website for latest releases (or see section Install).

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6.1 openEyA in Action

In this example of synchronized and automated openEyA recording with high resolution photos (slides), audio plus video (in Flash format), the arrow opens (OnMouseOver) a high resolution zomed image (on the right) where even a dot can be distinguished. There is also a link to scroll the gallery of all photos taken.


Snapshot of an automated openEyA recording

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