openEyA: automated recording system

The project has been closed and discontinued since 2017! You can still Download the Source Code of openEyA -this software is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty.

openEyA runs using HTML5 with a simple user interface and mp4 video format with synchronized photos -we invite you to test the latest version with these features! There are binaries available for Linux Ubuntu for PCs and UbuntuMate for Raspberry Pi.

DOWNLOAD openEyA: binaries

How it works? - User interface:

openEyA allows to archive and share (via web, zip) traditional scientific lectures and talks carried out using, for example, chalkboards in classrooms and/or using modern presentations (PPT, PDF, animations, etc). All of this is done using a low-cost Netbook and with just one click! read more

You can now synchronize audio-video with zoomable images/slides taken from  screen captures or using any webcam (including High Definition HD-Webcams !)  Learn how to improve the focus.

openEyA examples:

  • Screen grab (openEyA-lite):  to capture automatically your computer screen (i.e., grab slides done with PPT, PDF or any other digital presentation) from the same computer in which openEyA is installed and synchronize them with video; You can give and project a seminar/lecture while recording it! Aternatively, you can easily record self-seminars, i.e., your own lectures, views, etc. which you can then share with your students and audience via web or through a zip file.

Example  openEyA-lite recording with  screen capture

  • USB Webcam (high resolution, Linux compatible UVC Driver):  to take pictures and zoom in over specific areas of a classroom podium, blackboard or a projected screen.

openEyA-webcam Example openEyA-webcam recording using traditional chalkboard only

A key issue to carry out massive digital lectures recordings (besides to store, manage and share them), is to automate as much as possible the production and post-production processes to pull down all the costs. openEyA satisfies all these requirements in a way that has yet no similar.

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