OpenEyA: automated video recording system

OpenEyA allows to share via YouTube or to archive via other open video platforms, traditional Phys and Maths lectures and seminars carried out using, for instance, very large chalkboards found in classrooms and/or using digital presentations (like PPT, PDF, animations, etc).

DOWNLOAD OpenEyA-for-YouTube:

It is innovative because of these main features:
- no dedicated human intervention during recording and processing; the synchronization of audio/video input and screen grab/video frames is done automatically;
- scalable architecture and portable (use from one classroom to many);
- no special requirements for the lecturer (no need to press buttons or to wear a microphone, etc);
-low total cost of hardware implementation (see Requirements);
- low-bandwidth features (recordings are saved as .mp4 compressed video files).

OpenEyA-for-YouTube Control Panel GUI:

Example of recording output displaying two different scenes/viewpoints/webcams:

Example of recording output using Screen grab: